Vision and Strategy


The vision of Promore Pharma is to solve the global medical problems of scarring, adhesions and chronic wounds.


Promore Pharma operates as a lean and cost-effective organization that primarily focuses on high level project management, i.e. coordinating the programs of the company between strategic partners, clinical research organizations and other service providers for example within manufacturing. Furthermore, the company is focused on maintenance and support of the patent portfolio that provides protection of the company’s main programs.

In the future, when both the primary indications addressed by Promore Pharma’s programs are expected to be close-to-market, the company intends to seek alliances with larger, fully integrated, multi-national companies for market launch. The company intends to explore the feasibility of developing pharmaceutical candidate products for adjacent indications. This could be accomplished either through strategic partnerships that can provide financing and operational resources or through small well-controlled studies conducted in-house. Such strategic collaborations can be envisioned with both large and small development companies.