Promore Pharma in Brief

Promore Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in the development of therapeutic peptides. The company’s aim is to develop first-in-category pharmaceuticals for indications with high unmet medical needs, where very few efficacious prescription pharmaceuticals are available. Promore Pharma’s two projects are undergoing clinical development and have a very strong safety profile since the products are based on endogeneous substances that are administered locally. The leading project, ensereptide (PXL01), that will be used for prevention of post-surgical scarring, is being prepared for a clinical phase II-trial if the peptide can prevent the formation of unesthetical scars on the skin. Ropocamptide (LL-37) has recently been evaluated in a clinical phase IIb study with positive results in patients with venous leg ulcers (VLUs). The product candidates can also be deployed for other indications, such as preventing unfavorable tissue attachments (adhesions) after different kinds of surgical procedures and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

Promore Pharma’s product candidates are based on peptides, possessing multiple biological functions and properties. These molecules are derived from sequences of human innate defence system. They are aimed for local application and have a strong safety profile since they are quickly degraded in the blood stream and are therefore unlikely to contribute to severe systemic adverse events. The results from prior clinical studies are very promising for both PXL01 and LL-37 when it comes to tolerability and safety as well as efficacy. The product candidates are protected by several international patent families offering protection until 2030 and longer. The patents provide protection in several dimensions, such as therapeutic use, formulation and dosage ranges.

Promore Pharma’s product candidates represent first-in-category therapeutics for several patient groups, segments where patients experience reduced mobility, lowered quality-of-life and social stigma. If Promore Pharma’s product candidates in clinical development receive market authorization and are established as treatment for chronic wounds and for preventing adhesions and scars, it would mean shorter treatment times for patients and lower costs for society.

Promore Pharma is a small and cost-effective company without its own laboratories or research facilities, using a network of high-quality contract research organizations and contract manufacturing organizations. The company has experienced advisors in all critical aspects of the strategic planning process, including product development, regulatory affairs, design and execution of clinical trials.

Promore Pharma’s overall strategy is to take the product candidates through clinical development to market authorization or to a point when a license agreement, alternatively a commercial deal with a larger pharmaceutical company with global presence can be realized. Such transactions may include out-partnering/licensing, strategic partnerships, joint ventures or asset sales.