Corporate Governance

Promore Pharma is a Swedish public limited company and is governed by Swedish legislation, mainly the Swedish Companies Act (2005:551) and the Swedish Annual Accounts Act (1995:1554).

After the listing of the company’s shares on Nasdaq First North, the company will also apply the First North Rulebook. In addition to legislation and the First North Rulebook, the company’s articles of association and its internal guidelines for corporate governance form the basis for the company’s corporate governance. The articles of association contain, among other things, the seat of the board of directors, the focus of the business activities, the limits for the share capital and number of shares and the conditions for participation at general meetings.

The Swedish Corporate Governance Code constitute a higher standard for good corporate governance than the minimum requirements in the Companies Act and will be applied by all companies, which shares are traded on a regulated stock market in Sweden. The code does not have to be applied by companies, which shares are listed on First North and the company is not required to apply the code. The code does, however, constitute an important share of the company’s internal guidelines for corporate governance and if the code is a requirement for the company, the company will apply the code.